Netflix: VPN blocked? That’s how you get around the barrier!

As announced, Netflix wants to increasingly prevent geoblocking by blocking proxies and VPNs. After suspensions in Australia, the first Netflix customers in Germany are now also experiencing difficulties. Fortunately, there are VPN services such as Hola, which can still be accessed.

We don’t need to discuss how great Netflix is for series and movie fans. This also applies to us here in Germany, although we have to be content with a somewhat slimmed-down programme in relation to the USA. In general, the offers differ in the different countries where Netflix is available. Netflix would like globally uniform rules – but content providers are eagerly resisting them. You can unblock netflix with a VPN from

Netflix partners

These Netflix partners are also the ones who don’t like to see Netflix customers circumventing these blocks by being able to access the desired offer via Smart DNS or VPN solutions in the United States, for example. We reported that Netflix wants to stop the possibilities and has already become active in some cases.

If you watch Netflix on a PS4 you need to pick a provider to unblock it from

However, this has not yet been done across the board and seems rather half-hearted. The idea is to signal to the partners: “You see – we’ll do something!” Netflix tries to do the splits, because not only do you have to serve the content industry, but of course you don’t want to spoil it with your customers at the same time. For many it is just not obvious that one could be pushed into a criminal corner just because one wants to see the new House of Cards episodes – after all a Netflix in-house production – also in Germany directly for the relay start, or the offer while it wants to use holidays abroad.

Netflix’s geo-blocking

And even if Netflix’s geo-blocking has been sporadic so far, German customers have now also been hit – or at least some of them. Caschy reports on about cases where ZenMate served as VPN service and where now only the German Netflix offer can be accessed.

A few weeks ago we heard from uFlix – one of the services that offer access to all regional offers of Netflix – that Netflix is getting involved in a cat and mouse game that uFlix wants to play with: Netflix is blocking, providers like uFlix are finding a new way. Even if it doesn’t work for everyone anymore with ZenMate from Germany, there are of course lots of other services that you can try out and where it still works with Netflix access.

uFlix and Getflix

uFlix and Getflix – both Australian offers – are currently letting us know that they have gotten the locks under control, or that the blockade can already be circumvented again. Both are subject to a fee, but you can test them free of charge for 14 days. This makes sense if you really want to try out whether you want to use this service for the long term – or if you just want to take advantage of the usual offer for two weeks on holiday from abroad.

  • But there are also free offers like the one from Hola, which is available as a chrome extension and for Android.
  • You can also book the paid premium access there, but on a peer-to-peer basis you don’t pay a cent, of course you are still guaranteed full security.
  • To set up Hola, a few easy steps are all you need to access the desired Netflix portfolio again – or other foreign sites such as Hulu, Pandora, Fox or BBC.

Access to the US Netflix: VPN à la Hola

Go to and click on “Start” to initiate the download. At the first step of the installation you can decide whether you want to use the free or the “subscription” service and use Hola as peer or not. With the free P2P option, your bandwidth is tapped, although Hola of course mentions that your computer’s data or information is not accessed at the same time.