Bitcoin E-sports

E-Sport is popular as a way between computer users to test their skills in games like CS: in GO, Lol, Dota2 and Starcraft compete with other pro-gamers. It’s a niche market for people who don’t have much skill in traditional styles like soccer or tennis, but still want the excitement to compete against other live players instead of simply playing in a solo mode. The most interesting part here is that you can earn e-sports bets with Bitcoin and thus with their passion.

What makes it so popular?

Virtual contests are spectator friendly and millions of users from all over the world can watch online. Some of the most popular events can sell out a 15,000-seat stadium in hours. What viewers usually like about it is that they understand the games by having played them themselves.

Basketball may have become a little boring for them and chess slow, but they can follow the high pace of Counter Strike and admire a brilliant game that feels like a clone and doesn’t play like any other brilliant game in history. It’s also new and fast-paced enough to be exciting.

What is the difference between e-Sports and Fantasy Leagues?

The most obvious difference is that professional gamers aren’t usually interested in managing a fantasy sports team, but they know Dota2 well enough to compete on a professional level. They’ve honed their playing skills to a fine level and haven’t had to be told by anyone that the hours of video gaming are wasted time.

A major event or league could be hosted and sponsored by an equipment manufacturer interested in building the industry and promoting its products. For a complete list of all kind of sports you can bet on with bitcoin, visit

Why should you use Bitcoin for betting on eSports?

Some of the interested viewers can place bets for their favorite professional players. These are also mostly people who usually pay in digital currencies and who are worth money in real life, especially if they have played MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. So it seems only natural that fans of virtual contests use crypto currencies to place bets.

The good part of BTC to bet on the placement of games is that like slots or dice games it is not a gamble. It is a competition based on the skill of the players.

The only catch is that you want to book your bets with a reputable provider because there are some scammers in the Bitcoin gambling world who have a bad habit of not paying out winnings. If you are unsure about a particular betting provider, then you can find out what independent third parties say about them. For example, here you can choose a Bitcoin Esports bookmaker from our top list.

Above all, we want the whole action to be fun. Placing a bet with BTC means taking a risk, but it’s also fun to compete with others. You have a chance to win if your favorite team uses a brilliant tactic to outmaneuver their opponents. For a Bitcoin user who is also familiar with the world of pro-gaming, it is also much more fun than some traditional football or basketball games that have lost their appeal to the Bitcoiner and players a long time ago.