Virtual Reality Solves All Our Problems

The sex of the future is scary. A clip in the net shows at what stage of craziness we’ve already arrived: A few men test a virtual reality sex suit. Shell that be the kind of sex mankind has in the future? Nevertheless, VR could solve some of our problems.

As soon as the Japanese company Tenga has brought out their new Virtual Reality Sex Suit, the net goes completely crazy. For a few days now, a clip has been circulating on the net titled “Goodbye Real World!”, In which men can enjoy the VR sex suit called “Illusion VR.”

A young subject lies there, in a white, tight-fitting whole body. On the head Virtual Reality glasses, which kidnaps him to the Sexy Beach. Through straps on arms and legs electrical impulses are to be led to the skin. That’s the kind of vr movies that can be found in great variety on this website with psvr porn downloads.

A frame is attached to his upper body – therefrom rubber brush and a device in which From here you can only guess what happens, because fortunately you can not see “the act” in the video, you just get a clue what the sex of the future might look like and that’s actually very, very creepy.

If one believes the comments to the video, the users are also unanimous: The VR sex suit is Japanese nonsense, completely stupid, so no one can be so desperate … Funfact: According to media reports, the wellness gimmick is already sold out.

But the small VR sex revolution supported by and other niche movie sites also raises exciting questions. For example, at reddit, users are asking: could “Illusion VR” eradicate illegal prostitution? And while we’re at it, could not virtual reality solve more social problems? After all, there are already approaches.

How does a psychosis feel, for example? In virtual reality, thanks to Dutch researchers, one can at least get an idea of ​​it. In the military, post-traumatic stress disorder is already being treated using VR technology, and in general, attempts are showing how much virtual reality can affect our compassion.

For example, in one test, subjects who played a darker avatar were less racist after that. So VR is more in our heads than you think, says Jeremy Bailenson, who researches the subject at Stanford University in the US.

Whether the Japanese virtual reality sex suit has disturbed its wearer lasting, is not known. But a world in which you depend on Sexy Beach can not be so bad.